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Berks Co. Heritage Festival What Were We thinking?
It started as a silly idea ...

After the last regular Joyful Noise get-together of the 2005 season, regulars Neal Collier, Chuck Kupferschmidt and John Loven were winding up the cables and packing away the microphones. To pass the time, they were just talking about how they grew up on the music of the Kingston Trio.

At Joyful Noise .. and became
the Tungsten Trio.

Folk music collector Joe Sweeney overheard the talk and said "So start a band!" And so it was that the Tungsten Trio had its debut performance at the Berks County Heritage Festival in June, 2005. By mid 2006 we were well on the way to fame (within a small circle of friends.)

Why "Tungsten Trio"? Tungsten is gray, brittle and tends to overheat when offering resistance: a perfect description of us old folkies. You can hear us play at events around the area and hold on tight, fans: the Chuck, Neal, and John bobble-head dolls are on the way!

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