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"You guys are caught somewhere in that vast space between Magnum re-runs and story of Paul Bunyan. All that is missing is the red ferrari and a big blue ox. "
- Jami Roberts

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Folk Music Like it Ought To Be:
A Few Songs and Things
'Who We Really Are' at Swarthmore College
'The Glory of Love' at The Stonebridge Community 2/23/2013
'I Am A Pilgrim' at The Stonebridge Community 2/23/2013
Across The wide Missouri(MP3 Audio Only)
Medium Quality 12/30/2011. Rehearsal recording.
Across The wide Missouri (MP3 Audio Only)
High Quality 12/30/2011. Rehearsal recording.
Three Jolly Coachmen, performed at The Night Out Coffee House 2/14/2009

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